Universiteit Leiden

Among students
Among students At a student conference at the start of 2020 (Photo Simone Both)

Whether it be face-to-face or via tweets and vlogs, Carel Stolker enjoys talking to students. And if necessary, he would also reprimand them, for example after a party got out of hand during the COVID-19 pandemic. In this respect, he is part of a long tradition. As early as the 17th century, the Rector was directly responsible for the welfare of the students.

The University in the time of corona
The University in the time of corona Wearing a face mask in the Senate Chamber (Photo Monique Shaw)

The last year of Carel Stolker‘s rectorship was a crisis year. Coronavirus required drastic measures. For a person who enjoys an informal chat, this must have been hard. The teaching, inaugural lectures and PhD ceremonies continued as much as possible possible, in a hybrid form. After eight intense and special years, the time has come to hand over the chain of office.

A new Executive Board
A new Executive Board (Photo Monique Shaw)

A new board will be installed on 8 February 2021. Professor Annetje Ottow will be the new President, Martijn Ridderbos will remain as Vice-Chairman and Hester Bijl will be the new Rector Magnificus. The University will enter a new phase in its long history.